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Inflatable Dock Shelter

DS4000 Inflatable Dock Seal

UK Manufactured to your requirements

The DS4000 gives you the most versatile sealing system available, being able to facilitate various sized vehicles whilst offering the ultimate sealing between the vital gap of the vehicle and building.
We can also offer full Service and Maintenance including repairs on this model.

  • Airbags manufactured from a hard wearing, waterproof and anti-tear proof material to give a longer lasting life.
  • Airbags have an internal retraction system giving a deflate time of approximately 15 seconds.
  • The main structure comprises of 50mm insulated panel, this reduces the condensation factor around the loading bay area.
  • Although the standard is generally white they can be colour matched to suit your requirements.
  • Storage curtains are 3.5mm thick c/w guide markers.
  • The system is powered by a small 415v 3 phase fan that continuously runs whilst in operation. Power supply requirements are 6 amp.
  • Standard sizes are 3.6m wide x 3.7m high with 900mm projection

High Speed Fabric Door

Speed: Opening speed: Up to 2.5m/s –
Controlled via an inverter (single phase only)
Self Repairing: In the event of impact the cogged sided edges allows the curtain to come out of the guides, then automatically resets itself after one cycle, with no intervention, minimising any potential damages occurring to the curtain.
Safety: Complete with two safety systems as standard.
Safety Cells: Consisting of one receiver and one transmitter, situated on the columns.
Additional Safety Cell: One photo cell located in the canopy, which monitors the curtain is unwinding on the actual barrel.
Note: A wireless resistive bottom safety edge

Sealing: Due to the cog / zipper system used, extremely reduced air and water permeability is achieved.

Conservation: Use high speed doors to optimise logistics, provide insulation by eliminating drafts of air and heat loss, reduce noise pollution and dust.

Use: Suitable for intensive and continous use applications.
Solidity: The frame / canopy is made from 2mm galvanised steel, making the structure very strong / sturdy and self supporting – with no welded parts.
Lifetime: Tested in working conditions to over 2.5 million cycles, with excellent results.
Resistance: Great operational performances under wind load and differences in pressure, up to Class 2 (EN12424)
Light industries
Heavy Industries
Iron and steel industries
Engineering industries
Textile industries
Chemical industries
Food processing industries
Pharmaceutical industries

Design: Simple, basic, robust and functional design.
Compactness: Ideal for applications with reduced side room and headroom.
Vision: 1 row of rectangular vision panels with rounded corners are supplied as standard. Additional windows are available on request.
Customisation: Silk screen printing, digital prints and logo’s on curtains are available on request.