Secure Door Systems: Asking the Right Questions

Investing in any form of secure door system requires a relative outlay and prior to purchase it’s important to feel fully confident in the company you choose. We have compiled a list of some questions that are worthwhile asking when researching and requesting quotes. 

Question 1: Do your secure doors meet the relevant UK health and safety standards?

Whether buying power assisted gates or doors, these MUST be fully compliant with UK law. It’s important to understand and even request evidence to prove that everything is above board. Once purchased, companies then become responsible for maintenance whilst ensuring safety of use based on specific circumstances. 

Question 2: Does your company have public liability insurance in place?

This may seem like a question you’d never ask but it’s certainly an important one. Without insurance, should something go wrong during installation, the customer could be landed with a costly and unexpected bill. This seemingly bold question should never be a problem, especially to a business who’s covered.

Question 3: Do secure doors come with a warranty?

Again, we’ll highlight the fact that secure doors are an investment. It’s important to know they are going to be under warranty, even if it’s only for a short time. When using a reputable company the topic of warranties will be discussed in the first instance. If not, don’t be afraid to ask or request paperwork.

Question 4: Do you provide support after purchase?

The worst thing any company can do is vanish once the deal is done. Having mentioned health and safety above, it’s intrinsic to to understand that high levels of safety must continue. Again, a company with a decent reputation will discuss this initially whilst recommending maintenance services. Make sure you’re fully aware of your responsibilities as a company owner with regards to secure door systems.

Question 5: What times of the day can we get in touch?

As not every company works the traditional 9am – 5pm shift pattern, you’ll need to be fully versed with applicable times to call, especially in the case of an emergency. Ideally, a secure door provider will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When this is the case, should you experience a breakdown, help will be on its way sooner resulting in less downtime and revenue loss. 

There’s absolutely nothing a potential customer can’t ask us here at Secure Door Solutions. As a highly reputable company we provide the best service whilst working well within UK law and guidelines.

Secure Door Maintenance & the Benefits

The secure door system process doesn’t end upon purchase. Effective, regular maintenance is required to ensure optimum efficiency and of course, longevity of the product.

Let’s take a look at maintenance benefits;

Number 1: Ensuring secure door systems are in full working order means first and foremost they are safe for use. Having made the investment, it’s every company’s number one priority to ensure the reliability and safety of equipment for employees and pedestrians.

Number 2: As a company owner or when working in higher management you must comply with the relevant health and safety rules. The upkeep of secure doors makes sure that certification and proof of compliance is always up to date, thus keeping you legal. Owning the right certificate also takes point number one into consideration as companies are putting employee security first.

Number 3: As with absolutely anything purchased, if not correctly maintained, not only will it’s lifespan be less, things are more likely to go wrong. Strategic, regular checks allow engineers and technicians to highlight imminent problems and fix them before doors break down altogether. Companies experience a reduced number of emergency breakdowns in this case.

Number 4: When taking out the necessary and applicable maintenance with Secure Door Systems, we prioritise such clients in case of an emergency. When doors are looked after, emergencies are just that and not down to poor care.

Number 5: Alongside emergency callout priority the team at SDS provide discounted costs on recommended remedial repairs. We understand cost limitations within business and therefore want to help effectively where we can.

Number 6: Secure door systems will stand the test of time when cared for and well maintained. Over time, the cost saving benefits of this are potentially huge.

Number 7: Failing to maintain could lead to a court penalty should injury occur. As a provider we want to avoid this and as an employer, you certainly do!

How can we help?

At SDS we offer different maintenance packages based on specific needs. Each package not only keeps everything working properly, it keeps companies fully compliant. Our team is highly knowledgeable on automatic doors and the relevant European Standards. Holding exactly the right qualifications and certifications we understand the most recent industry standards, using these on a daily basis.

To discuss the best form of maintenance for your secure doors, speak to the experts at SDS today.

We’ve Launched Our New Website!

Welcome to Secure Door Systems where you are now privy to our fantastic new website! We feel it’s extremely important to remain current for our customers in order to continue providing the best service and user experience. Pop across and take a look for yourself, we always welcome feedback and are confident you will love the new look.

Who are we?

The Secure Doors team are a group of highly skilled professionals based in Stockport. Over a number of years we have provided expert services across the UK in its entirety. With unbeatable ingenuity we are industry experts, here to look after YOUR business.

What do we do?

We keep commercial premises safe and secure through the right advice and guidance. Included in our services are roller and shutter doors, security grilles and fencing. Our proficiency incorporates everything from general installation of standard security doors right the way through to bespoke security system designs, specifically for the needs of your business.

Who do we work with?

As previously mentioned, we work with companies right across the UK including independent retailers and small offices to larger spaces such as shopping centres. We’ve even aided multinational retailers and this all comes down to the positive reputation built over time. Specifically, Secure Door Systems have had the pleasure of working with Subway, Domino’s Pizza and BetFred. From the smallest of jobs to the biggest of projects our reliable products will keep you safe and secure.

When are we available?

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are here to deal with security emergencies. Upon calling our emergency number you will be met with the right solution and a full quote within the hour.

A huge thank you to Approved Business for the design and development of our website. We’re really pleased with the results and looking forward to showing it off. 

The Benefits of Polycarbonate Roller Shutters

At Secure Door Systems we are proud to announce the arrival and availability of our polycarbonate shutters. They look amazing, offer extraordinary strength and are visible in excess of 90%. Today we are looking at the benefits of this specific type of roller shutter.

Where can Polycarbonate Roller Shutters be Used?

Due to their strength and reliability, shutters are ideal for both the industrial and commercial purposes. To date we have designed and fitted for use on luxurious cruise liners and even for a tiger enclosure at London Zoo. The fact this product is strong enough for tigers should provide enough confidence in their ability to protect. In addition to the aforementioned, our polycarbonate shutters are accepted across the UK by local authorities and regeneration departments. 

How Strong are they Really?

As far as shutters go, when a product is good enough to protect the public from tigers, it’s fairly strong. As robust as steel, our polycarbonate option can be compared to a 20 gauge steel shutter.

Are Polycarbonate Shutters Resilient?

Absolutely. Under general use a polycarbonate roller shutter will withstand force. It won’t scratch, crack or break, a huge plus in terms of security. 

Is the Process of Buying Easy?

We make sure it is. From an initial phone call we will discuss your requirements. From here, a member of our expert team will visit you on site. Afterwards we will be able to provide you with a free, fully comprehensive, no obligation quotation. The product is custom built specifically to your requirements and we do of course, offer technical design assistance if needed. The beauty of this product is its self supporting qualities. Absolutely no structural work is required. 

Tell us About Carbon Footprint

This sought after, custom created product is fantastic when it comes to a company’s carbon footprint. Our polycarbonate roller shutters are 100% recyclable meaning you can purchase and use without worry.

How Noisy are They?

The beauty is that when operating, they’re practically silent.

Polycarbonate Roller Shutter Doors offer the perfect solution for shopping malls, around the clock banking areas, car showrooms and supermarkets. Retaining transparency for many years, it’s easy to acknowledge the benefits to buildings.

Benefits of Commercial & Industrial Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains provide industrial and commercial companies with an added layer of security in the workplace. Today we are investigating just some of the benefits in a bid to help you decide, if they’re right for your premises.

Safety First

As we know, fire is dangerous, destructive and harmful. Alongside these obvious elements is smoke. A fire curtain has the ability to protect against this potentially fatal gas whilst protecting people and buildings. Created categorically to inhibit the flow of smoke between areas, individuals are given the time required to evacuate successfully and without the inhalation of smoke.

Health & Safety

As an employer, it’s your job to ensure your team, clients and visitors are adequately protected in the unfortunate event of a fire. Safety curtains go a long way in meeting the necessary Health & Safety Guidelines and relevant legislation.

In Case of an Emergency

Easily accessible in case of an emergency, this protective option can be installed in such a way that it overlaps with a surrounding wall. If and when required, the fire curtain can simply be pushed out of the way. This is the ideal option for populous areas and public buildings.


Whilst the issue of how a fire curtain looks should be far from our minds, at Secure Door Systems, we understand the importance. Our designs not only keep companies and buildings safe and secure, they look good too. Choose combining wall colour with the option  of a handy casing whereby fire curtains will drop if required.

Assess Your Situation

Whilst we don’t like to have to discuss disasters such as fires, it’s important to ensure everyone under one roof is protected effectively. What is your current fire safety process and do you have existing doors which could potentially be replaced by a curtain? If your building comprises a place whereby people need to be evacuated quickly who aren’t perhaps able bodied (such as a hospital), fire curtains are the perfect solution.

The Secure Doors Team are here to help keep your buildings and those within as safe and secure as possible. Could a fire curtain potentially benefit your company? We believe it will.

Discovering Industrial Doors

Let’s firstly pose the question;

What exactly is an industrial door?

Let’s put it this way, you wouldn’t have this type of door within a residential setting. Or would you….? We’ll return to this question shortly. In the meantime, ideal for industrial workplaces, these specific doors provide swift access to both warehouses and shop floors. Heavy duty in nature, they add further levels of security to companies.

Industrial Door Types

In order to meet the needs of individual companies, there are various options of industrial doors available. Roller shutters, roller shutters with insulation, Euroflex, Eurospeed and more. We’re going to investigate a few.

Roller Shutter Doors

Composed of numerous galvanised or perforated steel slats, roller shutter doors move up and down via a spring or electric motor. Industrial and commercial roller shutter specifications will differ so it’s important to understand these when researching and enquiring. Industrial for example includes control options such as buttons, key switch, radar, induction loop, car reader and even a remote control. Commercial on the other hand offers a key switch, internal paddle or the remote control advantage. Insulating this product helps in carbon footprint management by minimising energy waste.

Euroflex Shutters

With Euroflex, you can choose from over 1,000 colours. Not only do they look fantastic, a polyurethane foam core results in a reliable and extremely hard-wearing piece of kit. Select one of these should you wish to ‘move things up a notch!

Euroglaze Shutters

As the name suggests, this definitive choice combines bespoke glazed features. Highly energy efficient and perfect for domestic and commercial use, you have a choice of colours with the benefits of the Euroflex.

Wait; You mentioned domestic use?

We said we’d revisit the domestic elements of industrial doors and we NEVER disappoint. Over time and due to aesthetic advancements, roller shutter doors have grown in popularity domestically. Ideal as an alternative to the standard garage or entry door, they are certainly worth some consideration.

Folding Shutter Doors

The characteristics of folding shutter doors are applicable to industrial applications, predominantly warehouses, dockyards and railway stations. They’re hard wearing, wind resistant and as with each option discussed today, highly secure.

At Secure Door Systems we are industry experts. Why not enquire today?

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