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Keeping your business Safe

Steel Doors

All of our steel doors are available in a range of shapes and sizes, with secure hinges that can be installed quickly and simply, providing you with unrivalled security.

We currently offer the following types of steel door:

Steel Personnel Doors

General purpose doors, suitable for internal and external use in any commercial, industrial or domestic setting. Our steel personnel doors come with a minimum of four steel hinges and seven heavy duty bolts.


Steel Fire Exit Doors

Secure from the outside and easy to open from the inside, steel fire exit doors won’t just keep your premises safe – they’ll also save lives in the event of a fire.


Steel Substation Doors

Used by utilities providers throughout the UK, steel secure substation doors will protect substation equipment, along with anyone foolish enough to try and break into a high voltage area.


Steel Ventilated Doors

Perfect for areas requiring ventilation and security, such as plant rooms and bin stores, steel ventilated doors allow for airflow without compromising security.